Jim Taylor Yacht Designs has developed nearly 140 original designs, starting in 1978. Use the links provided to navigate through projects we’ve selected for the web. If you would like more information on a project, please use the Contact Us section, or email Jim directly. Our designs are grouped into production, racing, cruising and the spirit of tradition.

Spirit of Tradition

  • Taylor 49c ‘Dreadnought‘ Custom racer/cruiser, built in cold-molded wood by Brooklin Boatyard.
  • Taylor 49c ‘Blackfish‘ Variation on Dreadnought theme, also built by Brooklin Boatyard.
  • Pleione International 8-Metre with a cruising cockpit and interior
  • Glory 54ft custom cruiser/racer. Classic style, modern underbody, self-tacking jib
  • Sabre Spirit 37ft weekender. Elegant exterior style and interior layout.
  • Taylor 44c 44ft performance-oriented daysailor; narrow beam, low freeboard, long overhangs
  • Schooner 68ft LOD cruiser, a contemporary take on a 1920’s racing fisherman’s schooner theme
  • Taylor 29c Day boat w/high stability, high sail area, and nice seating on deck and below
  • Spring Cove 24 Open daysailer with electric outboard auxiliary; classic look, modern underbody
  • Equipoise Eclectic style with contemporary performance


  • Blackjack Light displacement daggerboard MORC/Mini-Ton racer, 1st design built
  • Sabra 34ft IOR racer/cruiser, 1st commissioned design; now sails as ‘Chaika’
  • Taylor 37 37 ft IOR racers, routinely beat Peterson 37’s, Farr 37’s and Frers 36’s
  • Taylor 40 Groundbreaking performance oriented IMS design, 7 built
  • Taylor 42 Drumbeat and Numbers; dubbed by an owner “a license to steal”, still winning
  • Contest III Bermuda Fitted Dinghy huge fun in a tiny boat, a winner for 30 years
  • Taylor 41 Class winners at Key West (Sheerness) and in Bermuda Race (Orion)
  • Taylor 47 Numbers/Drumbeat
  • Danger Zone 32ft ‘winged wonder’. Brief was for ‘fastest thing we could do’ at this length.
  • Numbers 49ft IMS Admirals’ Cup racer, helmed by Russell Coutts
  • Taylor 401 Scherherazade/Meridian
  • Taylor 43 Sheerness/Katabatic
  • Szforzando 44ft racer designed for IMS, remarkable race record
  • IRC 47 Designed for IRC before IRC lost the dual purpose plot


  • Graves 37 37ft cruiser/racer, by Graves Yacht Yards in Marblehead
  • Starwind 27 Lively and attractive performance cruiser from Wellcraft
  • Starflight 38 Canadian development of Graves 37
  • Precision Family Daysailors: P-15, P-15k, P-165, P-185 (BOTY), P-185k; Trailerable Cruisers P-18, P-21, P-23, P-27/28
  • Colgate 26 Developed for ‘Offshore Sailing School’, nearly 400 sold (BOTY)
  • Sabre Family Details our 20 years of collaboration with Sabre
    • Sabre 362 Our first design for Sabre, and first Boat of the Year (BOTY) Award
    • Sabre 402 40ft cruiser with an innovative interior and a great race record (BOTY)
    • Sabre 452 45ft performance/blue water cruiser (BOTY), ‘refreshed’ as Sabre 456
    • Sabre 426 Sleek and sexy cruiser/racer from Sabre (10 Best Boats)
    • Sabre 386 Worthy successor to the long-lived Sabre 362 (BOTY)
    • Sabre ‘Spirit’ Classically styled, slim, and very slippery Sabre daysailor (BOTY x 2)

Custom Cruising

  • Esprit T-41c water ballasted cruiser/racer, one owner, thousands of miles logged
  • Temdeh 39 ft cruiser, since raced and cruised as Rival (by David Curtis) and Eos (by J. B. Braun)
  • Pleione International 8-Metre with a cruising cockpit and interior
  • Glory 54ft custom cruiser/racer. Classic style, modern underbody, self-tacking jib
  • Schooner 68ft LOD; a contemporary take on a turn of the century fishing schooner theme
  • 52.3 ft Saloon Deck cruiser
  • Taylor 49c Custom day cruiser, built in cold-molded wood by Brooklin Boatyard.