Taylor 40

Design # 68; TAYLOR 40’s

Built by: Mark Lindsay Boatbuilders, Gloucester, MA

Hull #1 (ARBELLA) launched in 1988, seven boats built in all

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DESIGN #68: 39.65 ft LOA IMS Racer:


LOA 39.6 ft                                                           Sail Area (RSAT w/genoa)889 ft^2

LWL 32.7 ft                                                          ‘IM’ 52.4 ft

Max Beam 12.5 ft                                               ‘J’ 15.3 ft

Draft 7.5 ft                                                          ‘LP’: 150%

Disp (Meas Trim) 14,000 lbs                               ‘P’ 46.5 ft

Ballast 8,125 lbs                                                 ‘E’ 14.5 ft


Spars: HallSpars custom 3 spreaders; Aluminum mast and boom

Rigging: Navtec; 22-13-5 Nitronic solid S.S. rod

Winches: Lewmar

Electronics: Owner Option

Engine: Yanmar 3GM30F diesel

Construction Details:

The hull shell consists of unidirecftional and bi-axial ‘S-glass’ skins over ¾” AL-600 Baltek core, with unidirectional carbon fiber along the hull backbone and bilge stringers. An integrated gridwork of partial bulkheads, longitudinals, and ring frames supports the rig and keel loads, and prevents shell distortion.

The deck consists of Kevlar and ‘S-glass’ skins over the same low resin absorption balsa core used for the hull. Unidirectional carbon fiber reinforces deep deck stringers, which take the heavy compression loads from the headstay and backstay, and are continuous from stem to stern.

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