Taylor’s Sabre Spirit named ‘Boat of the Year’

Jimspirit2.jpg Taylor Yacht Designs’ Sabre ‘Spirit’ design recently earned an extraordinary ‘double’ by winning Boat of the Year awards from both Sailing World and Cruising Worldmagazines. It is rare, if not unprecedented, for a boat to be judged as a Boat of the Year by both journals in the same year. Jim Taylor Yacht Designs is pleased and proud to have contributed to yet another Boat of the Year from Sabre Yachts.

The lean, stylish ‘weekender’ was selected as ‘Best Daysailer‘ of the year by Sailing World, winning out over the Alerion 33, CrossCurrent 33, and J-122. Judge Alan Andrews, an accomplished designer in his own right, wrote

“Sabre has put together a polished product that sails well and is easy to handle, both shorthanded and fully crewed…a sharp-looking, well-performing daysailer that not only works as a weekender, but a racer as well.”

Cruising World did not have a Daysailer category, but saw such merit in the Spirit that they gave it their ‘Judges Choice Award.‘ Judge Steve Callahan said

“I saw no other boat in the show that was as consistent in quality from the concept of the design to the execution of that design, the construction, the detailing, and the fun of sailing.”

It is especially gratifying to have such a distinguished group of judges, with such a wide variety of experience and interests, recognize the objectives of the designer and builder so specifically and endorse their execution so enthusiastically.