Taylor 44′ Sforzando Still a Winner in her 10th Year

‘SFZ’ was launched in 1998, just in time for the Bermuda Race. Custom built by Eric Goetz, she was designed to race under the IMS rule in its Cruiser/Racer (owner-driver) division. She won her share in IMS, including a great run in the very tight IMS-40 class, and a podium place in the 2003 IMS Worlds. As IMS faded from the scene in the US, ‘SFZ’ went on to be a consistent winner in PHRF, including a class win in the New England Championships. NYYC events have always been an important part of her racing season, and in recent years the Club has scored their races under IRC. Undaunted, Sforzando has won an incredible 10 of the 12 NYYC Regatta races she has sailed since 2005 under the new and unfamiliar rule, and has earned the Club’s prestigious Herreshoff Trophy, given for exceptional overall achievement. In the 2007 Regatta, she dominated her IRC class 1-1-1, having no trouble whatever with a Ker 11.7, a purpose-built IRC design. A remarkable 10-year run for an especially strong all-around performer.

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