Taylor 47; Numbers & Drumbeat


Built by: Concordia Custom Yachts, Padanaram, MA

Launched; 1994

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DESIGN #86: 47 ft LOA Grand Prix ‘IMS’ Racer

Preliminary Specifications:

LOA 47.2 ft                                                Sail Area (RSAT) 1,297 ft^2

LWL 37.9 ft                                                ‘IM’ 59.1 ft

Max Beam 13.7 ft                                       ‘J’ 17.1 ft

Draft 9.4 ft                                                  ‘P’ 61.7 ft

Disp (Meas Trim) 19,500 lbs                       ‘E’ 22.4 ft

Ballast 12,070 lbs                                       Est IMS “GP” (’93) 550 sec/mi


Spar: HallSpars 4-spreader fractional w/jumpers

Rigging: Discontinuos rod

Winches: 8 total; Primaries, halyards/secondaries, main sheet & runners

Electronics: Ockham or B&G

Engine: 35 hp Yanmar Diesel w/sail drive

Design Comments:

The brief for this design was complex, in that the goal was to win in the solid breezes and choppy seas of Key West, in the moderate air and relatively smooth seas of New England, and in the “anything is possible” conditions at the 1994 Commodore’s Cup at Cowes! Complicating things still further was the fact that while the boat would compete most often over windward-leeward short courses, she would have to be a competitive distance/night racer as well. Clearly, the focus had to be on achieving an exceptionally good all-arounder, with plenty of sail area to glide through the light air events, enough effective sailing length to leg out on the fleet in more moderate conditions, and ample stability to power around the heavy air courses.

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Anne Taylor photo