Taylor 40ml


Built by: Mark Lindsay/Boston Boatworks, East Boston, MA

Launched: 1997

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DESIGN #97: 40.2 ft LOA Grand Prix ‘IMS’ Racer 5/28/97

Preliminary Specifications:

LOA 40.0 ft                                              Sail Area (RSAT) 904 ft^2

LWL 33.5 ft                                              ‘IM’ 49.7 ft

Max Beam 11.5 ft                                    ‘J’ 14.2 ft

Draft 8.3 ft                                              ‘P’ 51.8 ft

Disp (Meas Trim) 11,260 lbs                   ‘E’ 18.9 ft

Ballast 6,750 lbs                                      PHRF 24sec/mi


Spar: Carbon 3-spreader fractional w/jumpers;

Rigging: Discontinuous rod

Winches: Lewmar, 2 each; Primaries, Mainsheet, Spin Sheet/Halyards & Runners

Electronics: Ockam

Engine: 27 hp Yanmar Diesel w/sail drive

Construction Details:

The Hull consists of FRP reinforced skins over CORECELL PVC foam cores whose density is varied to suit local loadings. The deck is a similar laminate of FRP skins over PVC foam, with high compression core and additional laminate in way of all deck hardware. Gougeon epoxy resins are used throughout. Both hull and deck are locally reinforced with unidirectional KEVLAR to minimize the longitudinal deflections resulting from the headstay, running backstay and mast compression loadings. Methodical weight control is a high priority, and all moldings and components are carefully weighed before assembly.

Design Comments:

This design runs somewhat counter to the over-hyped “sport boat” fad, in that it is intended to be a more moderate light-to-moderate air “all-arounder” that will be much better suited to the aspirations and skills of top-flight amateur owners and crews, rather than an over-powered hot-rod suited only to under-30 professionals. Towards that end, she carries much greater stability relative to her sail area than that attainable by any of the ultra-light “sport boats.” This design also recognizes that despite all the hype, most big boat racing will continue to be done under time allowance, not one-design, and rather than attempting to maximize absolute speed without regard to handicap, she is very carefully optimized to maximize relative speed vs. IMS rating. Fast is always fun, but regattas will continue to award their prizes to the boat with the best corrected times, and not to the first boat home. Furthermore, PHRF handicaps are now so strongly influenced by the IMS Velocity Prediction Program, that even if an owner never has any intention of entering his boat in an IMS race, it remains imperative that she be able to sail to her IMS predicted speeds. This new design draws on all of the R&D knowledge gained from NUMBERS, our 49-foot Admiral’s Cup racer, as well as all of the racing experience gained throughout the Taylor 40-42-43-41-47-49 IMS design evolution. We are confident that just like the original TAYLOR 40, and all the others in that series, this new design will spend the majority of her time in the winner’s circle, not just next year, but for many years to come.

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